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Webigo Give Back Program

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Qualifications and submission

The Webigo Give Back Program is an incredible opportunity for individuals and business participants in the Webigo Network. Every month we pay out 25% of all member subscriptions to selected individuals and or businesses that qualify for assistance. The assistance payments are not a loan or investment. They do not have to be paid back and they may be used for any purpose by the recipient.

The amounts of the Give back Program can be anywhere from $500.00 to $20,000 based on the need and circumstance of the member applicant. This amount and selected recipients will be determined by the Give Back Support Committee. Not all submission will meet the selection committee rules and if you were not selected this month does not mean that you would not be selected in future months. On average we select up to 30 recipients per month and in many cases we have more requests than Give Back awards

Basic rules to qualify for Give Back Submission

  • You must be an active Silver or Gold Member.
  • You must either be a US or Canadian citizen and must be over the age of 21(other countries will be added as we move into those areas)
  • You may be subject to tax implication and you may be required to submit either personal or business tax related forms (if you are selected you will be notified of the documents we require)
  • You will need to submit a written statement telling us why you need the assistance and what amount you believe would help (be aware that many ask for the maximum but may not receive that amount. The amount will be determined by the Give Back Committee. Their decisions are final) You may also submit for another individual who has a need outside of our network. For example a family who lost their home to a fire and had no insurance or the loss of head of household. We review all applicants.
  • If you are a recipient you do not have to repay the monies. All we ask is, the money is a gift and as such we only suggest that you pay it forward in some form or fashion. Do something for someone else in gratitude for the gift you were given. It doesn't necessarily have to be a financial gift, it can be anything that would enrich the life of another.
  • Recipients will be notified by phone and email so be sure we have both an up to date phone number and email address.
  • We do not disclose recipients and any amounts awarded without a signed release form from the recipient.
  • Only submissions sent to the address below will be considered. Please do not send to technical support or call us to tell us about your needs. While we know there are lots of stories and folks who need help we can only review those submissions that are presented to the Give Back Committee and that meet the requirements.

Please send an email to givebacksupport@webigo.com and please provide the following.

  • Member name and Plan (Monthly or Annual... we do not consider free members unless they are submitted by a paid member)
  • Email address (you may receive an optin request. Please accept so that we might communicate if need be)
  • Contact phone number and best time to reach you ( we may also need to contact you if we have questions)
  • Your Story (What or why you need our assistance. Be as detailed as you can so we fully understand your need)
  • Is this for you or someone outside of the Network?
  • We will let you know that we have received your submission but please do not call or email us to see if you have been selected. This may cause you to be removed from consideration.

We look forward to reviewing your needs. We hope to make a difference.

Be Part of Our Community

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